Ticks and Nips

So I get out the isopropyl alcohol and get to work removing these horrible creatures.  I use my fingers trying to separate as much hair as I can to isolate them before plucking them out of her skin, then I drop them into a cup with some of the alcohol. The very small ones were just too tiny for my short stubby fingers to grasp, so I got some tweezers.  

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Marty Strausbaugh
Is Using a Spray Bottle Really Training My Dog?

If you google, “spray bottle dog training,” you’ll find lots of products and articles telling you how great spray bottles are for training your dog.  Noisemakers fall into the same category because they work basically the same way.   But should this be referred to as training?  What’s really happening when you use a tool to stop unwanted behavior?  Is there a method that would work better?  

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